Busy.... or is it me?!


Busy at work, caught a cold, don't have enough time to think about what I need to do...
then missed a things that I was thinking of for a year!!
Oh well, disappointed myself so much..
Not enough time is not a reason,
I finally realised that the reason was me!!
Need to be more careful and sensible.

Let's write down everything in my diary, keep things in time because I don't have enough time to miss and delay things anymore!

Move move move!!!!

Loved this view from the hill where was only on hour away from city. Nice getaway!!
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Ok, ok Autumn!

Went to quite few times to the cinema (including Moonlight cinema in Botanical Garden!!)
My favorites are

Side Effects

Channing, you are just look good in anything! I wonder if he was a real human nature...


Warm Bodies

Zombies couldn't be any funnier!

I have to see Ironman 3 before going back to Japan!!!
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my favorite band is Bluejuice.
I listen to them when I go for a jog.
And I lost a lot!!

I run for being in sunshine.
I run for taking care of myself.
I run for getting my head empty.
I run for seeing people in sweat.
I run for getting people's attention.
I run for forgetting the date and time.
I run for finding cute dogs in a park.
I run for having a good sleep.

...I run for myself!
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friend said,

let's not other people find your happiness.
It's always inside you.
Nothing is permanent, every moments in your life are temporary
so at the end of the day, only you can take care of yourself.

This is true but feel kind of sad to realise it. I want more time.

Please don't take summer time away from me, Melbourne!!!
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I ...


love sunshine!!
I'll miss everything I see here. My sweet life,
where are you going to take me next?
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